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For Eyewear

Exclusive Two-year Warranty

WE GUARANTEE that your new eyewear was manufactured with materials of the highest quality, strength, and durability, and is free of defects. If any part of your frame or lenses breaks, under normal wearing conditions, within two years from the date of delivery, return all parts and we will repair or replace them at no charge. Replacement of lenses purchased with an extra scratch protection coating is limited to once in a 24-month period. Lens replacement must be in the original prescription. This limited warranty does not cover glass lenses, loss or theft, accident, or abuse.

Warranty is void if “dress” glasses are used for sports or safety wear.

This warranty protects you against unnecessary expense, but there’s no better protection for your eyewear than proper care and handling.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Don’t allow anyone to try on your eyewear. Your glasses are adjusted to your specific requirements.
  2. To ensure proper adjustment, use both hands when removing your eyewear. Always lay them down so the lenses don’t touch another surface or hard object to ensure they stay scratch free.
  3. Proper cleaning is important. Lenses and frames should be washed with soap and water, then dried with a clean, soft cloth. Special lens cleaners can be used.
  4. Always put your eyewear in its case when you’re not wearing it. If it’s loose in your pocket or purse, it’s likely to break or become scratched.
  5. If adjustments are needed, contact our office.

For Contact Lenses

If in the first 60 days of wear the patient or the doctor decides to discontinue wear, a refund for the lenses (if returned in good condition) will be credited to the patient’s account to be used toward any other optometric service provided at our office.